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Tax Advisory


Does an international career mean you spend too much on effectively controlling your tax affairs?
Most local tax advisors don't have the capability of handling international tax requirements. The Protea Group actively specialises in co-ordinating and streamlining these affairs, across four continents.
Our service is built around guaranteed care and attention for your international taxation needs. We maximize your net income and minimize your exposure, in one centralized, cost-efficient location.


We're here to provide invaluable
advice on:
  • Inheritance tax, estates and trusts
  • Inheritance and retirement planning
  • Tax on employee share schemes
  • Personal finances
  • Indirect taxes
    (sales, business, excise, VAT etc.)
  • Tax benefits
  • Tax on UK dividends
  • Capital Gains Tax - CGT
  • Corporation tax

Keep more of what you earn
When you become a client of Protea Group International you enjoy a specialist service that simplifies your life while maximizing your income. No repetitive calls, emails or meetings: just a tight, expert service based on a small percentage of the savings we generate for you.
We're confident and competent, and making savings for you is our area of expertise. You focus on your career, and we'll take care of the rest.

We're here to help
Why employ costly multinational firms or separate accountants in different countries? Why subject yourself to the stress of dealing with separate intricate national tax systems?
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