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Business Management


You give your career your utmost attention,
but are your finances as well looked after?
Your career as a senior executive or performer in the Arts and Entertainments means a lot of travel and complex international financial management. Make sure it isn't a distraction. Get secure, ultra-efficient advice and management for your finances and investments with the trusted professionals, Protea Group International.
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Taking care of today
and investing in tomorrow
Protea Group doesn't just look after your current needs: we stay ahead of them, optimizing your financial interests today while advising on securing your future.

Taking care of the day-to-day duties
As well as providing expert council on investments and security, Protea Group's service will also cover:
Our network of financial and administrative services includes a comprehensive international offering. Our account managers work closely with investment and estate law professionals. We are multi-lingual and well versed in the rules and subtleties of taxation and administration in key non-English speaking markets.
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